Norton Skin Cancer Clinic’s Affiliation with
SunDoctors & Southern Sun Pathology

Norton Skin Cancer Clinic in Leichhardt is an expert practice that specialises in the identification and treatment of skin cancer. Our own experience, combined with the specialised services of our affiliates, SunDoctors and Southern Sun Pathology, make us one of the best clinics in Australia for skin cancer diagnosis.

Sun Doctors and Southern Sun Pathology logosSunDoctors & Southern Sun Pathology

One of the major advantages of choosing Norton Skin Cancer Clinic for skin cancer diagnosis and treatment is our affiliation with SunDoctors and Southern Sun Pathology. SunDoctors is a network of skin cancer clinics that provide dedicated, specialised skin cancer services all across the country. Southern Sun Pathology is the largest dedicated skin cancer laboratory in Australia, specialising in diagnosing skin cancer using advanced pathology capabilities and cutting edge technology.

Benefits of our Affiliation

This affiliation provides us with a number of benefits that makes us one of the best places for skin cancer diagnosis and treatment in the city. These benefits include:

  • Access to some of the best diagnostic tools in the industry. Southern Sun Pathology sports advanced diagnostic capabilities, rooted in specialist expertise and technology, providing us with access to cutting edge pathology for better skin cancer detection.
  • Faster results for your skin check. Our affiliation with the largest dedicated skin cancer laboratory in Australia means that we have a quicker turnaround on biopsies than many other clinics, allowing us to get your results back to you faster.
  • Serious accuracy and expertise in skin cancer diagnosis. Together with the expertise of SunDoctors and Southern Sun Pathology we have a deep insight into skin cancer, how it’s diagnosed and what the best treatment options are for our patients.

What services do we provide?

Norton Skin Cancer Clinic provides a comprehensive service for our clients including:

  • Skin Cancer Checks. Our doctors are highly trained in skin cancer diagnosis, providing them with the skill to accurately recognise dangerous growths and recommend avenues for treatment.
  • Expert diagnosis. Our affiliation with Southern Sun Pathology gives us access to one of Australia’s biggest and most advanced skin cancer laboratories.
  • Specialist treatment. Beyond just recognising skin cancer we have the specialised capabilities necessary to provide onsite treatment of affected moles and lesions.

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If you are looking for a skin cancer clinic near Leichhardt then Norton Skin Cancer Clinic can provide accurate diagnosis and specialised treatment when you need it.

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